What is supplier audit assessment

Almost all organizations depend on suppliers for supply of raw materials, parts, and assemblies. An organization may also outsource design and manufacturing of vital product components to suppliers and would ensure that the supplier maintain the same level of quality that the organization desires.   Supplier audits are a common tool used by the client organizations to gauge the quality of work done by the supplier and to ensure that the entire manufacturing and production process is done as per the planned arrangements with specific focus on desired quality. An outside audit / Inspection agency is hired by the client organization to carry out the audit process on behalf of the client organization. This audit strengthens the relation between the customer, clients and the management of the company. Supplier audit assessment is crucial for business and it is advisable for companies who depend on third party or suppliers to get this assessment done.

Supplier audit assessment brings a lot of difference and positive changes to the business. This is done to check on the supplier to ensure that the parts and components developed by them are meeting the requirements.  It is always advisable to carry out these audits to minimize rejections, rework and scrap later in the production process. This will help the company produce and manufacture the best quality products which will keep the customers and clients happy and satisfied at all times.

Benefits of this Supplier assessment are as follows:

  • The organization can have confidence in the supplied product / component as it has been audited and verified
  • All the damaged materials are immediately removed.
  • The auditor will do the checks before accepting the products.
  • There will be detailed reports made by the auditor that will be submitted to the management.
  • The management will have a record and know what the suppliers are sending.
  • Overall product quality is assured
  • Relation between supplier and company will strengthen.
  • This audit will ensure there is always quality in the products sent by the supplier.
  • Suppliers will always be alert while sending products.

Abacus Quality System Services (AQSS) is providing supplier audit and assessment services to a wide variety of industries. It is this service that ensures that the products and materials supplied by the suppliers is of best quality and meet the client specifications. AQSS has a team of qualified auditors with the reverent experience, training and qualifications to ensure that our clients remain confident about the parts and components that they receive from their suppliers.

Assessing a material is crucial and should be done with extreme care which the supplier audit can do as they are well trained and experienced in this field.  AQSS is one of the prominent companies in the market that offers Supplier audit assessment to all organizations interested in having an over sight over their suppliers.

Supplier audit assessment is the best for companies that depend on their supplier for critical parts, components, and special processes liking welding etc. Avail this service from AQSS and ensure that your business continues to provide quality products and services.