Training Courses

Abacus Quality Training Services, Inc. (AQTS) is the sister company of AQSS and it provides training in various fields including Quality, Safety, Environment, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Leadership Development, Management and others. AQTS training courses are based on “Accelerated Training Techniques”. As a result the courses have a very interactive and participative approach, resulting in optimal learning. The courses also include a significant number of workshops, case studies and simulation exercises designed to reinforce the material being covered. Under the guidance of highly trained, skilled and experienced trainers, the students gain the required knowledge and skills in relatively short period of time.

AQTS Inc. offers both general training programs as well as tailored courses for specific business sector and training needs of the company. AQTS is Approved Training Partner (ATP) of CQI-IRCA, UK; certification number “AO 17491” and its ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor course is also certified by CQI-IRCA (certification number “PR328”).

Our Training Management System uses the latest in adult learning principles in the development and presentation of its training programs. Our programs represent educational excellence, in addition to technical excellence. Our professional program developers and the subject matter experts that present our training programs well understand the need and requirements of the customers and trainees:

At AQTS we also specialize in offering training courses tailored to meet your specific needs and also needs of your organization. We can help you identify the type of training you need and then partner with you to design the training program for your organization. We aim to provide all courses and training that are required for individuals within the corporate sector like Quality System Training, Environmental System Training, Safety Training, Management training, and many other courses for different business sectors at very competitive rates.

We offer Quality System Training Courses for our clients by providing them highly interactive and participative sessions which help them to apply themselves at the work place and add value to the company processes and corporate standards. In this training program we cover all the quality concepts and also make our clients understand the QMS standards like ISO 9001, API Q1 & AS9100. We include various workshops and exercise programs for our students to make them both aware of these concepts & requirements as well capable of coming in front with their opinions on the subject.

There is general awareness and demand from the companies to minimize impact on the environment and carbon foot print where the company operates. In our Environment Management System Training Courses the students learn the ways & methods to identify elements of the business which can impact the environment and what controls should be put in place to eliminate and reduce risk of any incident happening. We make our students on the concepts of impacts which their activities can make on the environment and what they can do to minimize it. AQTS provides best Environmental Training Courses which helps them to incorporate environment systems at their companies to meet regulatory requirements and objectives of the company. We make sure that every student gets familiar with Environmental Management system (EMS) standards like ISO 14001.

Our Safety System Training Courses make the clients capable of coping up with all the safety measures in the organizational front. Our highly trained and experienced staff makes sure that employers are ready to meet the industrial needs and for maintaining the safe environment in work front. This can happen only if the company has established controls and practices to mitigate risk of safety incidents happening. We emphasize in helping the individuals in handling and solving the safety issues at their work places to make it a safe working place for all the employees. For this purpose ISO 45001 standard is the internationally recognized standard and our safety system courses cover its understanding, implementation and auditing skills. We ensure that the students get maximum value from any safety course they take based on their needs and organization’s objectives of the training.

Many other courses and training is relating to documentation requirements, management skills, risk assessment, enterprise risk management, root cause analysis etc. which have value for personnel working at any level in the organization.

At AQTS we provide training with the latest technologies thus making our workshops more interactive and easier to understand the concepts. We surely understand your needs as the management of the company as well as an employee or trainee and we make sure that you achieve your and your organization’s objectives.

Though we have large number of course choices but the most popular ones have been, ISO 9001 Foundation Course, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course, ISO 9001 Internal Auditor course, ISO 14001 Foundation Course, ISO 14001 Internal Auditor course, ISO 45001 Overview / Leadership Course, ISO 45001 Internal Auditor course, ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Course, Lean and Six Sigma course, Risk Management Course, Root Cause Analysis Course and Documentation Course.

Public & On-Site Courses

Our Public courses are scheduled throughout the year and are advertised on our website. Public courses are available to anyone qualifying the course pre-requisite requirements, if any.  Our Public courses are offered at locations that are convenient to most and are housed in facilities that are equipped with latest technology. These courses are suitable for those looking to learn new perspectives from personnel coming from different industries. For all public courses candidates can register online or by calling AQTS office. We do offer group discounts for our public courses based on a minimum of 3 enrollments from an organization. Call us on  713.789.0885 or email us at to know more about the promotions, discounts and group enrollment and pricing for our available public courses.

Our on-site courses are delivered at the client’s premises. Companies that are looking forward to train 4 or more employees and keep focus on their organization may opt for this training option. The content covered is similar to public training courses; however, discussion, exercises and simulations bring focus to the client’s organizational issues. On-site courses are priced per group and are delivered by instructors with relevant industry experience. Call us on 713.789.0885 or email us at to get the best price quote for the training you require.


  • Highly competent and experienced trainers
  • Effectively designed courses and training programs
  • Proven teaching and training methodology
  • Understand your needs and will work to exceed your expectations.
  • CQI-IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP)

Wide range of courses offered in the field of quality, environment, health, safety, management, risk, lean & continual improvement.
Please Contact our Training Coordinator for more details on any course you are interested in, we will be glad to help you.
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