SA 8000 Awareness Workshop

Context: The modern global trading regime exerts pressure on the participants of the supply chain, like, manufacturers and other in the line until the product reaches the consumer. The international community is very concerned about the exploitation of the lowest rung of the supply chain – the workers.
To ensure that the workers are fairly treated and that the players in the supply chain retain their social responsibilities, Social Accountability International (SAI) has initiated a compliance standard called SA 8000. The companies can establish, implement and manage a management system complying to the requirements of SA 8000 to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.
In the recent past many of the reputed brands as well as corporates have adopted SA 8000 standard as their demonstrability standard for social compliance. SA 8000 also requires the standards to be propagated to the company subcontractors and suppliers as well.
Objective:The one day workshop is designed to provide understanding of the requirement of the standard and how it can be implemented and integrated into other management systems.
Contents: Introduction, Background, Requirements, other similar standards, Applicability, Interpretations, overview of ILO conventions, deployment as a management system.
Course Certificate: Each participant will be entitled for a training certificate.
Participant’s profile: The programme shall be useful for employees, mid-level managers, senior managers and top management personnel and those involved in planning, designing and maintaining compliance management systems.
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