Quality Improvement Through SPC


Context: In order to achieve customer satisfaction it is imperative to achieve customer specifications with greater reliability and accuracy. This in turns demands improvement in process capability and reduction in variations which can offset the production or service processes.

The basic concept of studying variation and using statistical signals to improve performance can be applied to any area. Such areas can be on the shop floor or in the office. Some examples are machines (performance characteristics), book keeping (error rates), and gross sales, waste analysis (scrap rates), computer systems (performance characteristics) and materials management (transit times). Until the processes, which generate the output become the focus of our efforts, the full power of these methods to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce cost cannot be realized.

The two days’ workshop shall cover some of the statistical methods for Quality Improvement such as:

  • Check sheets
  • Flow charts
  • Pareto charts
  • Cause and effect Diagrams
  • Histograms
  • Introduction to continual improvement and SPC
  • Control charts for Variables
  • Understanding process capability and process performance for variables data
  • Control charts for attributes
  • Process measurements Systems analysis


The study of actual cases from participant’s own location or from similar activities would be desirable supplement to the workshop. Participants may therefore bring their cases to the workshop. There is, however no substitute for hands-on experience with current process information

Course Certificate:

Each participant will be entitled for a training certificate.

Trainers’ Profile:

The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Shanti Sarup, an ex-Tata Motors senior executive who has conducted a number of successful training programs. He is a certified Quality Engineer and a trained lead assessor

Participant’s profile:
The program shall be useful for engineers and managers involved in planning, designing and maintaining products and processes towards meeting consistently the ever-changing needs of the customers.

For further details, fee or quotation, please contact:
Training Coordinator
Phone: 281 565 2447
Fax: 713 481 8434
Email: sales@aqts-usa.com