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Abacus Quality System Services Inc. (AQSS) and Abacus Quality Training Services Inc. (AQTS) are sister companies dedicated to providing ” quality, environmental, health and safety management training and professional services in the USA and around the world. With corporate office in Houston, Texas it has expanded its services to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Abacus Quality System Services Inc. (AQSS) is a Houston based company, it provides technical and professional services around the world. The services being offered by AQSS are:

  • Inspection Services
  • Expediting Services
  • Quality, Environment & Safety Audit Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services

Professional and technical services include Lean Manufacturing/Program, Welder Qualification, PED, CE marking and other Professional Services. These services can be provided in US, Europe, UAE, Malaysia, India, Middle East and other countries around the world.
Why Choose AQSS :

  • Excellent experience – 100+ years through a partnership with Vincotte
  • All range of inspection services including CE marking and PED
  • Very experienced and good inspectors
  • Reliability of service with constant focus on the client’s interest
  • Best value of the services for the money spent

AQSS Inc. provides inspection services to clients in collaboration with Vincotte International, a renown Belgium-based company having more than 130 years experience in industrial inspections.

Abacus Quality Training Services Inc. (AQTS) the sister company of AQSS is also based in Houston. It provides innovative training services to companies, clients and individuals in industry and public services. We have been providing high quality courses in the fields of Quality, Safety, Environment and Management.   We provide both On Site and Public Courses to the client companies and individuals all over the world with our diverse set of professional and technical capabilities in the Quality, Environment,Health and Safety Training Services.

AQTS Inc. offers courses in the fields of Quality, Environment, Safety, Management, Lean and other technical fields. AQTS focuses on general training programs as well as conducts tailored courses in Quality other related fields. Our courses have been based on “Accelerated Learning Techniques”, which makes them highly participative and interactive to optimize the learning. AQTS is Approved Training Partner (ATP) of CQI-IRCA, UK; certification number “AO 17491” and its ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor course is also certified by CQI-IRCA (certification number “PR328”).

Our trainers always ensure that candidates are put at ease and are fully engaged in the course, thus providing them with practical demonstrations where ever needed. We aim to make our Public and On Site Courses fun & interesting as well ensures the importance of the subject matter is appreciated. We develop professionals who are both talented as well approachable. We make our sessions interactive, encouraging and knowledge driven for our clients.

As the importance of occupational health & safety (OHSAS) is increasing the need to have more awareness of health and safety measures at work are also increasing.  Our students can be assured that our OHSAS training will not only increase their awareness of work/industrial health and safety practices but also help them establish a good OHSAS system at their work place or company.

At AQSS we provide professional development courses relating to OHSAS including well known OHSAS 18000 standard. Our Health & Safety Training Services team is dedicated to providing quality training and sharing practical implications and experiences focused to provide best knowledge and awareness to our trainees.  After our Health & Safety Training the participants gain knowledge & skill to effectively manage the health and safety issues around them and also help resolve the issues arising in working environment.

AQTS offer’s Quality Management System Training in highly interactive and participative sessions which help the trainees to meet the company needs and corporate standards. In this program we cover all the quality concepts and also make our clients understand the QMS standards like ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100. We include various workshops and exercise programs for our students to make them both aware of these concepts & requirements as well capable of coming in front with their opinions on the subject.

In Environment Training courses AQTS gives concepts and knowledge to the students that how the activities of their company can impacts the environment and what they can do to minimize it.  AQTS provides best Environmental Training Service which helps them to incorporate environment systems to meet regulatory requirements and objectives of the company.  The students get familiar with Environmental Management system (EMS) standards like ISO 14001 and also are able to do audits after our ISO 14001 internal audit course of ISO 14001 lead auditor course.

Why Choose AQTS :

  • IRCA Certified Training Organization and Courses
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Best Value for Quality of Training Vs Cost
  • Option of public and on-site courses

AQSS & AQTS business ethos calls for reliability of services, transparency and professional competency.
Dealing with AQSS and AQTS is easy and simple