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The post-COVID-19 workplace environment will be altered forever. We will see a permanent shift towards the work-from-home models. We have been seeing similar shifts in workforce every decade or so for a while due to different business drivers, such as globalization, outsourcing, and automation, however, this will be the first time we will be experiencing such a shift due to a pandemic. As many of us have already experienced, due to social distancing requirements, many companies have already adopted the work from home policies. And companies that have not embraced this new trend are under tremendous pressure to adapt or run a risk of becoming irrelevant and obsolete. This requirement will not be abolished completely in the foreseeable future.
The shift to work-from-home business models means very heavy reliance and dependence on IT Infrastructure and IT Systems. Even smaller companies that never needed full-fledged IT departments and a secure remote access mechanism are forced to make these accommodations. Moreover, even for those businesses that did have fairly evolved IT environments, there is tremendous pressure on their IT ecosystems and the IT operations personnel to entertain the overwhelming need for remote access. This inherently expands the threat surface and thus requires a very agile cybersecurity framework.
We at Abacus Quality Systems Services understand your pain and we have the expertise to help small, medium, and enterprise-class businesses in overcoming these challenges.
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