IT Infrastructure Architecture and Design

These days all businesses—small, medium and large—have some form of IT environment, whether it be a single computer and a simple broadband Internet connection or a fully developed, complex IT infrastructure ecosystem with servers, storage, virtual clusters and backups, and disaster recovery and business continuity programs in place. Every size environment has its challenges and from time to time needs help in overcoming them.

A lot of businesses are turning towards cloud computing to supplement their on-prem computing environments. Some even migrate completely from on-prem to the cloud. In each case, there are different business drivers, security concerns, or technological reasons and peace of mind behind these decisions. In any case, these are not easy decisions, and especially for small to medium-sized businesses, they may not have the in-house expertise to assess, evaluate, and compare all possible solutions and choose the best possible option for their environment. Even if the in-house expertise is there, those same resources are pulled in different directions to take care of operational issues, so a helping hand is always welcome.

At Abacus Quality System Services Inc, we can be that helping hand. We have experts that can help your business at every level of your IT computing needs. We can help design and size a simple network with computing resources or build virtual environments (VMWare, HyperV, Windows, Linux) or even devise a comprehensive cloud migration strategy.


Regardless of what maturity level your IT infrastructure environment may be, we can help.