Inspection Services

AQSS provides very professional, value added and cost effective third party witness inspection and testing services. Highly experienced team of engineers and inspectors conduct drawing/specification review and inspections. Efficient staff and qualified inspectors are dedicated to meeting customer requirements relating to product verification and witness inspection as per the customer specifications and requirements.
Inspection Services are provided in wide range of industries including Oil/Gas and Aerospace:

  • Witness Inspections
  • Product & Process Verification
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

The Hallmark of our inspection services are:

  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness

(Services provided in a wide range of industries including Oil/Gas and Aerospace)

Third Party Witness Inspection, Review and Verification for the following:

  • Material Inspection & Test Reports
  • Mechanical Tests, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Hydrostatic and Performance Tests
  • Welding Operations & Inspection
  • NDE and Visual Examinations
  • Plating, Painting and other Coatings
  • Sample Plan
  • Test and Inspection Plan
  • Rotating/Reciprocating Equipment
  • Final inspection/acceptance including Oil/Gas and Aerospace parts/assemblies
  • Pressure Vessels / Package Boiler
  • Piping, Pipe Fabrications, and Testing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Marking and Identification
  • Packing & Shipment
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

AQSS maintains a staff of professional engineers, certified special inspectors and professional support staff to provide Inspection Services and witness testing of materials, witness of processes including production operations, inspections, welding, heat treatment, NDT, plating and other critical operations to ensure that they have been performed right.   We add reliability to your product and minimize your risk with our excellent witness inspection and testing services.

We cover all the main sectors and industries for our Third Party Inspection services like Oil /Gas, Nuclear and Aerospace. We make sure that the work is carried out as per the production plan and inspection and test activities are performed according to inspection & test plan (ITP). We ensure that all the requirements & specifications of the customers are followed by the manufacturers.

Our inspectors are the best at what they do. They are trained in operating and follow our established processes during Material Inspection, witness of production and inspection activities, witness testing of the part and assemblies during and after production.   The results of our Witness Inspection & Testing are documented in our high quality inspection reports with detailed information regarding the products and results of the inspection performed.

AQSS Inspection Services provides services to the end users, first and second tier manufacturers and contractors with assurance that work is being performed according to specifications and standards. We have are committed to provide quality services to the clients in timely manner.

We can be trusted for all Third Party Inspection services you need for ensuring that you get product complying to you needs and specifications.