GAP & Internal Audits

Internal Audits or GAP audits are undertaken by the organizations to ensure that their processes, systems, practices, and procedures are defined, documented, controlled and assessed for their implementation and effectiveness. Through our professional internal audit and GAP audit services you get assurance on the processes and system controls for effectively managing your business risks.  Through our Internal Audits you can focus on streamlining processes, minimizing waste and objective measurement of processes, management and system performance.  We encourage each individual worker to sustain their excellence in work resulting in good quality service. You can completely rely on us for good & reliable results and high standards of our reports.
Abacus Quality System Services, Inc. (AQSS) has a team of highly experienced and certified/qualified auditors from different fields for Internal Audits and Assessments. Our auditors have many years of experience working in different fields/industries as well as audits for supplier development. The majority of them also have experience of performing personalized, value-added third-party certifications for international Quality, Environmental and Safety standards.
By providing internal system conformance assessment or GAPs with reference to the criteria provided to us by our customers for Internal Audits and/or Process Audits we help our clients maximize their investment of time and resources in their quality and environment system. Through our professional & personalized service and superior industry knowledge we help organizations to improve their business results, which give them advantage over their competitors and increase the company‚Äôs profitability.